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Jeannette Jones

Founder | CPA, CFP®
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Jeannette’s Good Life:
Spending unscheduled time with my parents, husband, children and grandchildren. Working in the garden, hiking in the woods, and enjoying the serenity of nature. Reading books and visiting people and places to learn more about the world and my place in it.

Money Story

When I was in third grade, my family put me in charge of running our family’s strawberry and vegetable stand on our farm. I would arrange the display of berries and vegetables in the barn, wait on customers, make change and help load cars. At 8 years old, I decided I liked running a business and that someday I would create my own to help others, but I wasn’t sure how.

My earliest lessons came from my parents, who were both teachers and entrepreneurs. They ran the farm, rehabbed and rented houses, and eventually bought a small business. I learned from them that it’s not what you earn, but how you manage it that really matters.

When I headed off to college, I majored in accounting and finance as a foundation. While still at Ohio State, I read about the young profession of financial planning. I was immediately hooked. This was what I wanted to do.

In the fall of 1988, I combined my parents’ entrepreneurial spirit and my business experience as a CPA and banker and started The Asset Advisory Group; using my life’s lessons to help provide financial guidance to enhance the well-being of individuals and families. That mission continues today as the binding principal we bring to each and every client relationship.

Chip Workman

President | MBA, CFP®

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Chip’s Good Life:
An early morning run, a cup of coffee, the newspaper and some time to reflect. Weekdays at work helping our clients connect their money and their lives. Weekends filled with family activities, fun and maybe a round of golf. Evenings on the patio or at a favorite restaurant surrounded by friends.

Money Story

I grew up in a household with the mantra “anything worth having is worth taking care of.” My parents taught us the importance of doing for others, a good education, and the value of a buck. Water was what you ordered at restaurants, the landscaper was looking at you in the mirror and the best way to get that toy or pack of baseball cards was to save, save, save.

Given my frugal upbringing, I was often someone that friends trusted for advice that revolved around money. It seemed a very natural transition to make this my career.

After graduation, I found the options available to follow this path disheartening. Opportunities that promised to help clients achieve their goals were, at best, thinly veiled schemes that put the company first and giving sound advice second. At worst, it was much more underhanded. I never understood why it had to be the company or the client. Why couldn’t it be both?

Instead, I joined the world of private banking, developing many close relationships with individuals and families. I enjoyed a successful career, but was still restricted to the bank’s products and services. I happened upon an opportunity to help some financial advising firms with their banking needs. They were fiduciary advisors, charged with putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own. A light bulb immediately flickered and I saw an alternative to the traditional investment model, a way to be the trusted counselor I always wanted to be.

After a thorough search, I was fortunate to find Jeannette and the rest of the team at TAAG. I’m proud to be able to truly partner with our clients and offer conflict-free, holistic advice about the financial issues that impact their goals.

Danielle Seurkamp

Director of FInancial Planning | MS, MPAS®, FBS®, CFP®

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Danielle’s Good Life:
Downtime with my husband and fur babies.  An outdoor concert of a band I love.  Doing yoga in a beautiful setting. Spending Cincinnati winters next to the ocean with my feet in the sand.

Money Story

Growing up, money was very mysterious to me. The people around me had very different relationships with it. On one hand, I saw a person who seemed to ignore it completely. It came and went, sometimes there was enough and sometimes there wasn’t. On the other hand, I saw someone who put tremendous value on it and prioritized it more than most anything else in life. Of course, I didn’t spend much time thinking about that as a child, but as I got older and started thinking about my own relationship with money I realized that these examples had made an impact. They helped me develop a sense of responsibility and to greatly value the peace of mind achieved by an awareness of my financial situation. They also taught me to hold on to the important things in life and to never define our means as anything more than a means to an end. Saving lots of money isn’t the goal; it’s the thing we do to achieve our goals.

Wanting to share the peace of mind that I found by understanding my financial life, I pursued a career in financial planning. It allows me the opportunity to take care of people by eliminating just a little bit of life’s uncertainty. I enjoy helping people address the decisions we all face about how to best use our assets and opportunities. Of course doing that involves spending a lot of time thinking about finances, but to be truly successful I have to spend just as much time thinking about the people themselves and how we can turn their resources into realized visions.

I am grateful that my background taught me how much our finances can impact our day-to-day lives. That knowledge is what inspires me to help people enjoy today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Mary Herrmann

Mary Herrmann

Director of First Impressions

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Mary’s Good Life:

Being surrounded by family celebrating “whatever”. Seeing your children become independent, happy and successful with families of their own. Knowing that all the years we worked and saved will allow us financial peace of mind in retirement.

Growing up in a household of nine taught me many of life’s lessons early on… With such a large family, we learned the importance of leaning on one another for support.  Working together as a team not only got the chores done, but allowed us to be off to play softball or go swimming sooner.

Learning to get along with all types of personalities helped fine tune my social skills and led to my love of working with people.  From my first job to today, I have always been in roles dealing directly with clients.  It is my privilege to welcome and offer them a comfortable environment within our office.  My goal is for them to leave with a smile on their face and confidence in our office family.

Outside my office family, my husband, Michael, and I have lived in Miami Heights for over thirty years. We are proud parents of three grown children living in Michigan, California, and Ohio.
Gregory Jones

Gregory Jones

Director of Operations

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Gregg’s Good Life:

 A dinner of Tagliatelle in black truffle sauce, paired with an old Burgundy, jazz music in the background, my wife across from me, in Paris, and it’s raining. Playing with my grandchildren, going to family reunions, and taking walks through nature.

As the middle child of six, I thought I had to be different in order to stand out… I remember as a young child that whenever anything broke around the house my parents would call my grandfather. He could fix anything; dishwasher, stove, disposal, you name it. I thought that was cool. I wanted to help be able to fix things so that I could help my family. I guess this was my way of being different.

As a senior in high school I read an article about the need for ceramic engineers and it sounded like something for me. I enjoyed my time in college so much that I decided to go on to graduate school to further my Ceramic Engineering studies. There, I loved collecting data and performing experiments in order to solve problems. I also learned that I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss. There were no time constraints in graduate school (other than how soon you wanted to graduate!).

Upon graduating, I accepted a job with G.E. Aircraft Engines in Evendale. I worked on classified programs for the U.S. Air Force that were cutting edge and different. However, I quickly learned that the corporate world needed results now. I had to create a product while still collecting data and learning. Inventing on the fly did not fit my personality. I needed time to be 100% positive in my decisions. Meanwhile, my wife, Jeannette’s company was growing and she needed someone she could trust to take over the back office issues. We had always discussed working together, and here was our chance.

Today I enjoy keeping the “behind the scenes” functions of the office humming along. I get to help by fixing things and being my own boss (well, as long as Jeannette says it’s okay).

Leigh Edwards

Leigh Edwards

Client Service Manager

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Leigh’s Good Life:

Watching my kids having fun in the backyard with their friends. Enjoying time spent together with my family, my parents and my sister’s family. Being able to take a much-needed nap in the middle of the day.

For as long as I can remember growing up, I wanted to be a teacher… As I approached college, I first majored in early childhood development. However, after one year of practical experience teaching preschool children, I realized I needed to change my career path! I love kids, but discovered I just didn’t have the patience to manage 20 plus students day in and day out. This was quite an epiphany for someone who always wanted to teach.

Not knowing exactly what to do, I switched my major to Business and interned as an administrative assistant for an attorney. I loved it! I was able to run the office, resolve problems and play an integral part in the firm’s success. The only drawback was limited interaction with the clients.

I was lucky enough to find Jeannette and The Asset Advisory Group in 2001. As Client Service Manager, I get to employ my first loves of business by helping resolve internal and external issues with the added bonus of getting to interact with both our custodians and our clients, helping to make sure their experience is as seamless as possible.

Outside the office, I manage to stay plenty busy raising my four children with my husband, Anthony.

Suzanne Randolph

Suzanne Randolph

Client Service Manager

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Suzanne’s Good Life:

 Taking my family on vacations to the places my parents took me growing up. Getting to enjoy watching my children discover the beach and wildlife, while being able to splurge on the extra experiences and excursions.

Ever since my very first retail job in high school, I loved working in customer service. Being able to assist customers in finding what they needed and seeing them leave satisfied was a rewarding experience.

Due to my interest in customer service and retail, I pursued a degree in marketing. After graduating from Xavier, I went to work in a marketing department at a B2B company. I then transitioned to an office manager role in a financial services organization. I quickly took an interest and learned more about the industry.

I was excited at the opportunity to join The Asset Advisory Group as a Client Service Manager. In my role, I get to return to working directly with clients and continue to expand my knowledge of the financial service industry, while sharing a little bit of my marketing expertise with the group.

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