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How Long is Long-Term?

I recently attended a one-day investment symposium put on by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) in St. Louis, Missouri.  The morning session centered around the importance of diversification, the dangers of timing markets, and the poor...

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A War with No Winners

This is not a political rant.  This is a plea for rational thinking. In 1985 John Cougar Mellencamp’s song Rain on the Scarecrow  he described the loss of family farms across the Midwest and plains states.  President Carter’s decision to stop grain exports from U.S....

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Invest in Reflection

We’re squarely in the midst of tax preparation season which means we are forcibly engaging in looking back at last year to answer questions like: How much were my medical expenses?   How much did I give to charity?  Do Girl Scout cookies count as a charitable...

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Recent Market Volatility

(from Dimensional Fund Advisors’  Issue Briefs blog dated February 2018. Dimensional Fund Advisors is a global investment manager dedicated to implementing the great ideas in finance by applying academic research to practical investing.)  After a period of relative...

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